A face in the crowd reviewed by Matt Duggan

A face in the crowd reviewed by Matt Duggan

A face in the crowd reviewed by poet Matt Duggan

A face in the crowd is the prize winning collection by Maria Castro Dominguez, which won the erbacce prize for poetry 2016. The book comes with an amazing gloss cover with artwork from Pascale Gouverneur. You can see why this collection won the erbacce prize from 8,000 entries. I’ve been reading the poetry of Dominguez for some time having shared the pages in such journals as Apogee, Harbinger Asylum, Lakeview International Journal, and if you like real poetry that speaks and breathes beyond the pages then this is the collection for you.

The book comes in three chapters A Singular Face, A Plural Face, A Global Face, and from the very first poem its clear to see that this is a collection that you will re-read again and again, from the first poem with such stand out beautiful lines as

…Dust is my face/my arms carry a regal gun, loaded in case/coated in rags….

In this collection the voice of Dominguez travels in some enchanting and sometimes unsettling poems, that communicate direct to the reader, wanting the reader to carry on and turn the next page, the imagery that flows throughout this collection is simply sublime, a collection that is both exhilarating to read and hard to put down. The detail and use of language that is used by this poet is both highly original like lines that fall off the page into the readers mind, eye, and ear.

You can’t help but be transfixed by the sheer beauty that echoes throughout this new collection, Dominguez is not just a face in the crowd but the eyes and ears of the crowd, grabbing us and taking us on that journey. In this collection many poems stand out from the crowd, such as the poem Infamous famous, with such haunting lines as …

Just another day in this moulding city 
sitting between aseptic blue
row on row of the naked tube tattooed infamous for the day headlines say
naked me they could see but I dreamed my limbs dressed and pure….

I’d highly recommend picking up a copy of this wonderful new collection by Dominguez, so easy to see why she won the erbacce prize for 2016, as her poems stand out from the face in the crowd.

The poems are engaging, beautifully written, and shine in the eyes of every reader, I’m looking forward to reading more from Dominguez in the future. This is a collection not to be missed.

Matt Duggan is a Bristol born Poet who won the erbacce- prize for poetry 2015. His prize winning collection of poems ‘Dystopia 38.10 will be pubished by erbacce press early in 2016. Matt has had his poems appear in many journals and magazines such as The Seventh Quarry, The Journal, Ink, Sweat, and Tears,  The Stare’s Nest, Lunar Poetry Magazine, Illumen, Section 8, Poetry Quarterly, Yellow Chair Review, The Screech Owl, and many more. Matt can be found wandering the Quantocks or writing poems on the backs of beer matts in the dark corners of a Bristol pub.

Other Projects

Matt created and co-edits The Angry Manifesto with Simon Leake a political based poetry magazine, Matt also created a spoken word night in Feb 2014 called ‘An Evening of Spoken Indulgence which ran until August 2015.

Matt has been working on some new projects and has just started up ‘Poetry Slam Online’, and is also working on new poems for a couple of new poetry collections ‘Kinemeotophy’ and ‘The Dower House’.

Read more: http://mattduggan.webnode.com/bio/

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