“A Fish Out of Water” by María Castro Domínguez

“A Fish Out of Water” by María Castro Domínguez

As promised a bit of magic realism in “A Fish Out of Water.” Up on www.manawaker.com , the Patreon and the YouTube channel.

It’ll hit iTunes and Google Music later today. Hope you enjoy a different read.

And what´s more important, the mesmerising voice behind, or in front of the reading is CB Droege.

Much more about him below.

CB Droege

Is an author, voice actor, and teacher from the Queen City, currently living in Munich.

CB’s most recent book is RapUnsEl and Other Stories, a collection of five stories anchored by the titular novella. CB’s first novel, Zeta Disconnect was released in 2013. CB’s short fiction and poetry has appeared in numerous magazines, journals, and anthologies. (A full list can be found on the publications page.) He’s the editor (and narrator) for Manawaker Studio’s Flash Fiction Podcast, and recently edited a book of gamer poetry. Many projects are partially supported by Patreon patrons.

In-progress projects include a book of ‘recycled comics’, a new novel set in the Darkworld story universe, and an anthology of sci-fi fairytales.

As a voice actor, CB’s specialty is narration. His voice is non-dialectical American (demo reel). Other than his weekly podcast, he can be heard in  radio and television commercials, but most work is in audiobooks. A list of credited productions can be found on the projects page.

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