Poetry of María C. Dominguez in the fall edition of Harbinger Asylum

Harbinger Asylum was nominated  poetry magazine of the year 2013 by the National Poetry Awards.

Harbinger Asylum is Transcendent Zero Press’s literary journal.

Not only does  this edition of Houston’s Harbinger Asylum include a poem by María C. Domínguez called “Last Summer”, but also  features a Nigerian poet, hosts a group of poems by Lyn Lifshin, and includes a tribute section to recently lost poet Marcie Eanes. This is truly a unique collection of poetry, and its cover is a treasured piece by Bill Wolak called “Wherever Desire Deepens”.

The Editor of Harbinger Asylum comments: “I like the sparse way María Castro Domínguez uses language and leaves bridges between herself and the reader”.

You can buy a copy at a very reasonable price in Amazon. Not to be missed.

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