Matt Duggan a poet to watch out for answers five questions

Matt Duggan a poet to watch out for answers five questions

If you´re like me, always avid for new poetry, new in the wide sense of the word, I thoroughly recommend reading all of Matt Duggan´s poetry.

Why? Because I feel Matt Duggan is one of the best contemporary voices around. He stimulates a desire for more poetry on our reading shelves, making us aware of poetry’s power with his modern, deconstructive style and provocative art. In other words, and following from one of his titles, he’s rebooted poetry today.

His talent makes us more receptive to explore modern life and its controversies, to explore our inconsistencies and what’s more, aspires to make us better humans. Which is, I feel, what poetry is about.

Matt Duggan answers five questions

How do you get Inspired?

I suppose many things inspire me to write, the day is full with poetry so it could be simply a walk in the park, or an episode in history I feel needs more attention, a conversation with someone on a controversial theme, the current state of global politics, the media and the gloves of propaganda, travel and experiences I’ve had to the more mundane and contemporary.

Do you start with the title or first line (which can be a title)?

Good question, I never start a poem with a title and I’m always unsure when deciding a title, sometimes I use a line in the poem that highlights the theme or the structure, or simply a single word that sticks out.

Do you write many drafts?

Yes, I have many drafts Maria, I’m currently working on six different poems all of which are untitled at the moment. I do spend a lot of time editing them which could take from one month to six months until I feel the poem is finished and ready to be submitted.

Do you feel that your Poetry has changed since you started writing?

I do feel it has changed a lot since I started writing some twenty years ago, but I think as writers/poets you need to keep evolving and trying different techniques, styles, with keeping the writing fresh, original, and insightful.

What are you reading now?

I’m reading a few books at the moment What Sort of Scream?  By Pascale Gouverneur, The Sadness of Animals By Phillip Morre, Sick City Syndrome By Peter Sutton and A Curmudgeon is Born By Heath Brougher. There are so many more books I can’t wait to read which I’m hoping to pick up soon such as Speculations and Changes By Sam Smith, Hilda Doolittle’s Carl Jung, T-Shirt by Charlie Baylis, and, of course A Face in the Crowd By Maria Castro Dominguez which I’m really looking forward to reading.


Matt Duggan is a Bristol born poet who lives somewhere in Bristol, in 2015 he won the Erbacce Prize for Poetry with his first collection Dystopia 38.10 Dystopia 38.10

Matt has been published in various journals such as The Journal, The Seventh Quarry, The Dawntreader, Black Light Engine Room, Ink, Sweat, and Tears, Apogee Magazine, Prole, and will be the feature poet in the next issue of Trafika Europe. In 2016 he was invited to read at several events in Bristol, Cheltenham, Cirencester, London, Middlesbrough, Oxford, Newport, and did his first international reading at the Poetry on the Lake Festival in Orta, Italy, he won the Into the Void Poetry Prize from 3,000 plus entries with his poem Elegy for Magdalena.

Matt is currently working on two new publications a new pamphlet titled ‘Ayahuasca’, and a new booklet ‘Elegy’ due to be published by San Marco Press next year, he also runs his own Poetry event in Bristol called Page and Performance and is the co-editor of The Angry Manifesto Magazine, also this year he was taken on as one of six core members at Erbacce Press where he supports and advises new poets to the press, and contributes to the erbacce journal. When Matt is not writing he likes to walk his dog Alfie with his partner Kelly Thomas and enjoys a nice pint of cloudy cider in his local pub.



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