Thelma´s Epiphany by María Castro Domínguez in Flash Fiction Magazine today

Thelma´s Epiphany by María Castro Domínguez in Flash Fiction Magazine today

Today you can read my flash fiction Thelma´s Epiphany in Flash Fiction Magazine.

Being a curious mind and body I have always wondered who the marvellous people behind FFM are. Hence a good day to uncover who´s behind FFM.

FFM are a unique team dedicated with passionate commitment to the art of writing, above all to the shorter and no less important genre of flash fiction.

Flash fiction feels closer to poetry for me, infact it can overlap, if true art can that is. It is concise and tight, containing a story or at least an intuition of a story, and yet offers a multitude of possibilities. Space (or word count) is important and how it stands on the page. Superfluous words are eliminated, every word contributes to the whole, making this form very challenging to write and a pleasure to read.

Flash fiction, I feel is so adequate to our fast-paced 21st century, where time is lacking even for those things we love most. Flash fiction requires only a few minutes to read and like Françoise Harvey from mslexia says, “It´s frequently the most highly-polished writing you´re likely to read”, yet when it touches you it lingers for days, months and even years, like all good literature.

Mark Dennis Anderson managing editor of Flash Fiction Magazine kindly allowed me to interview him a few weeks ago. His replies were an eye-opener and keenly satisfied  my  forever increasing interest in this form. I´m certain that flash fiction will be increasingly present  in our reading list.

  1. When and where did Flash Fiction Magazine start and what was the reason behind the magazine´s existence?

The owner of FFM, Shannon Huffman, acquired the magazine from the previous owner in May, 2015, after it had been running for about a year. We publish 365 flash fiction pieces a year (no holidays, no hiatuses). Our mission is simply to provide readers with daily flash fiction stories and writers daily opportunities to share their work. This year, we have begun providing in-depth feedback and editing services through our priority feedback submission option. For more about our submission process, visit

  1. How many submissions do you receive per month?

We receive anywhere from 5-20 submissions per day, averaging around 300 or so per month.

  1. What are you looking for in the fiction you publish? and 4. What advice would you give writers trying to publish with you?

Generally, we’re looking to publish stories that go beyond simply relaying an interesting idea or scenario in words. We tend to publish strong, narrative driven stories that demonstrates that the author appreciates elements of craft and/or a love for language and storytelling.

Read a lot. Read what we’re publishing. Study story form. Study the foundations of good storytelling. Ground your writing with sensory description that the reader can experience. Don’t think about impressing us or your reader: think about details and clarity. Ask yourself, what do you want readers to remember about your story? Proofread your work. Ask someone else to proofread your work.

  1. Is there anything that particularly annoys you when receiving submissions?

I would have to say that sloppy punctuation, particularly commas, annoys me the most. While I try not to judge too harshly, I do believe that writers worth publishing should know the basics.

  1. How often do your anthologies appear in print?

This year will be our first year that we publish anthologies in print. The goal is quarterly publication.

  1. Anything else you´d like to add about your team and yourself?

We are dedicated and grateful to be a part of such a vibrant community of writers and readers!

Mark Dennis Anderson holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Hamline University in St. Paul, MN and currently teaches at Normandale Community College in Bloomington, MN. Editing credits include Flash Fiction Magazine (managing editor), The Paper Lantern (faculty editor/advisor, Normandale’s student literary magazine, 2015), and Water~Stone Review (poetry editorial board, 2012). He has published poetry and short fiction online and in print. Find him on Twitter @MarcoAnders.


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